A Trip Down Memory Lane....

Flashback to the 50's & 60's

Travel back in time before CD's, before Discos, before we landed on the moon, before Hippies, before Vietnam, before the Beatles, before fluoride toothpaste...when leather jackets and poodle skirts were in. Drag racing, malt shops, drive-ins, car-hops, ponytails, and ducktails were all in style... The Drive-in

Dancers When everybody listened to a young Elvis and Buddy Holly on the jukebox that played 45's...when getting married was a life-long commitment. Cool Cats and Kittens hung out at the local A&W Rootbeer shop. When picking up a date meant greeting her family under her father's watchful eye. James Dean was a teen idol. TV was just beginning and the shows were all live performances. Dad was the bread winner, and Mom was a housewife who always wore an apron while cooking dinner. And you always ate dinner at home with the family.

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"Remember When"

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