Our Reason for Being

~A Message from Jerry Hull, Founder of the Great Impersonators~

As a big fan of Rock & Roll music and Country Rock, I organized a musical group in 1991 with the purpose of performing those great sounds that need to be preserved. Since I was a member of the Elks club, I enlisted help from members for a local charity show featuring 50's & 60's music and country rock. We did two shows back to back and made approximately $5,000 in the 2 performances. Since that time, we have received so many requests to put on a show, we decided that all money earned would go to assist someone in need. All cost of putting on the shows was out of our pockets. We have traveled over South Florida helping organizations in dire need--primarily, the military veterans organizations.

They have given so much to us all, but seem to have been forgotten by the government. As an example, we assisted a Veterans of Foreign Wars group in raising money for a new roof for their building. They were without funds for this project. As of this date, we have raised money for American Legion Posts, Elks Clubs, Moose Clubs, VFW, churches, private citizens down on their luck, children's hospitals, Special Olympics, Little League Baseball, etc--the list goes on.

We invite all who enjoy helping others to join us as we use the greatest music of all time to raise money for charity. During the past 8 years, we have raised in excess of $72,000.00. We will not turn away our brother or sister in need, for some day--we may need their help.

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